Allstate Insurance Claims Process

View “Allstate Insurance Claims Process”, a superb animation video exposé done by a seasoned plaintiff insurance attorney Trey Mills of South Carolina confirming and revealing alleged common bad faith insurance practices between a victim injured by an Allstate insured person at fault in a head on automobile collision involving substantial personal injury to the persons not at fault and not insured by Allstate and how Allstate’s claims processor responsible for paying out on the claim responds using alleged examples of controversial insurer bad faith home insurance practices. used to lowball-reduce, delay, deny and not pay automobile accident and personal injury’ claims in an effort to avoid properly paying the claim and boost their company’s own earnings. Companies mentioned: Allstate Corp. The video is being used with permission. This video was provided courtesy of the Producer Trey Mills and we present it for educational purposes. FBIC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that works with the American Public in combination, support and/or association with network media producer(s) investigations. Note that bad faith insurance can only be proven in a court of law … you be the Judge! This media is not to be used for commercial purposes without permission from the Producer. (Trey Mills, Esq. 2011)