THE PRESS & OTHER MEDIA ARTICLES: Bad Faith & Related Published Articles Of Interest

Note:  Please email us at to let us know of any published articles by the Press and/or Other Media that FBIC does not have referenced in its library on bad faith insurance and/or of related interest.  Of interest for reference consideration and inclusion in the FBIC Reference Library are subjects for example including the truths and exposes´ of the insurance industry. Unless you are an industry insider, truths proven by court testimony of insurance industry perceptions and deceptions, exposes´ of anti-consumer behind-the-scenes activities by state legislative insurance committees and DOIs, and industry related conflicts of interest and corruptions.  Prior to submitting an article for consideration to The FBIC Library, please first e-mail us at administrator@badfaithinsurance.organd provide us with the following information: (1) the name of the article, (2) the publisher’s name, (3) a one sentence description of the article’s subject and/or what it’s about, and/or if available to be viewed on the Web (4) the website address where our webdirector can find and review it first.  If or when FBIC replies requesting that you send us a copy of the article for review and for inclusion consideration in the FBIC Reference Library, the article must be submitted in electronic format and will not be returned so please remember to make an electronic copy for yourself before submitting. FBIC assumes no responsibility or liability for lost or unpublished articles. Personal attack articles against insurers will not be published if it includes any names, identifiers and/or locations (other than the name of the state of the complainant or insured).  Please do not send us your article without FBIC authorization as it will most likely be discarded without consideration as we do not accept attachment files without authorization and our computer may unintentionally wind up blacklisting your email address preventing you from future communications with us which we do not want to see happen but because we do receive substantial amounts of email, it is necessary to program our computer servers in order to prevent spam, unwanted email and unauthorized attachment files so we ask you to please comply with this small request.  Note:  FBIC does not accept responsibility for inaccurate information, errors or typos.  Reference and read our Legal Disclaimer and Copyright.  All consumers should know never to construe or accept anything as legal advice, even if it is included herein or anywhere else on this website, without consulting a lawyer and furthermore, all consumers should know that only lawyers can give legal advice.  If you need the legal advice of an attorney or need a lawyer to represent you in an insurance related matter, click on the FBIC Plaintiff Insurance “Find-A-Lawyer Directory”. (Click on the following to view.)