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  FBIC is incorporated and is classified by the I.R.S. as a charitable educational non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. FBIC’s online web site information and services are provided free to the Public. To those of you who have been lucky up until now not to have bad faith insurance happen to them, and for those concerned about their fellow Americans who have been and have become the victims of bad faith insurance, and the increasing likelihood of bad faith insurance happening to themselves, their family, friends, relatives or next of kin, FBIC asks for your support by making sure that you only buy insurance from good faith insurers and not from bad faith insurers, and for your help by Making a Donation on FBIC’s secure online server where Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover cards are accepted.

By making a donation, your donation will immediately go to work in helping FBIC help its many financially and physically challenged members and victims, many of which have lost everything, become disabled and found themselves in dire straits with no help because of bad faith insurers … donations also make it possible for FBIC to continue to make the great strides that it has in the past years bringing attention and heightening awareness in fighting back to stop the mass fraudulent practice of bad faith insurance. Donations made to FBIC are tax deductible and play a critical role and important part in making it possible for FBIC to carry out its mission, help aid victims of bad faith insurance and make those who are responsible at bad faith insurer companies accountable for their illegal and fraudulent actions which effects all of America, all of its citizens, businesses and our local, state and federal governments. You can show your support and help by making a donation right now by clicking on Make a Donation  Today … we thank you for your help and support and for making this tax deductible donation today.

FBIC Thanks You In Advance For Your Help And Support As Its Only Through Our Hard Work Since Our Inception In 1996 And Your Donation That We Have Been Able To Make The Great Initial Strides That We Have In Helping To Meet Our Most Difficult Objectives And By Your Helping Us To Reach Our Goals … Together We All Win!

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FBIC (Fight Bad-faith Insurance Companies) comprise a cross-section of successful business people, professionals and other individuals networked throughout the United States and developed international countries who have one thing in common … they all have or have had legitimate claims that were either denied by bad faith insurers, experienced or were exposed to most of the U.S.’ biggest insurers’ widespread bad faith insurance practices to include major insurers, such as Hartford, State Farm, Allstate and most others, who started them on the most abusive, deceptive, ruthless and illegal merry-go-round rides of their lives. Many such claims are in the courts for up to and more than ten years, many collecting interest on bad faith cases that were already decided by the trial courts years ago but the bad faith insurers just don’t want to pay-up … it’s very profitable for bad faith insurers which comprise up to 93% of all U.S. insurers and reinsurers to willingly not pay claims.  So the insurers lawyers have been given the task to intentionally delay and drag out the cases, putting off payment for as long as possible .

FBIC wants to help Policyholders and Insureds in every way possible but unfortunately the costs associated with telephone support and regular mail support are just too costly. The FBIC website has been developed and is still very much an expanding work-in-progress many years after it’s inception in 1998.  FBIC is prudent and cost conscious. By making online resources and email available helps to keep our operation costs low and efficiency high, makes it so we can be more responsive, help and do our best to serve the U.S. Bad Faith Insurance Community’s needs.

For a number of our earlier years, there were those few that expressed concerns that this site might be something other than what it appears, such as some sort of cover for an insurance company or the insurance industry. Be assured that there is no hidden agenda and that no individuals from FBIC are connected either with the insurance industry, an insurance company, brokerage, agency or agent, a company that legally represents an insurance company or a business entity of the insurance industry. FBIC does not sell insurance or certify, endorse or warrant insurance products, companies, brokers, agents or vendors and is not a referral service. 

FBIC’S MISSION: Is to educate the American People and Others that to Insurance Companies, insurance is a business first. That Insurance Companies are no longer fiduciaries which is the way they were looked at many decades ago. That the overwhelming majority if not all insurers are to some degree or another bad faith insurers.  Whether it be one claimant’s claim willingly and intentionally illegally denied, many or most as a percent of claims that are illegally denied or where claimants are forced to go through other illegal bad faith insurance practices, is what separates insurers from being ranked Good Faith or Bad Faith insurers. FBIC’s mission is to educate all of the Public as to Bad Faith Insurance Practices and in regards to their perception of Insurers and the Insurance Industry. FBIC looks to take the rose-colored glasses off of the People and help to make a very uneven playing field between Insurers-Policyholders-Claimants less dishonest, more honest and more level. FBIC recognizes that this will not be done or through legislation or regulation who for 200+ years are solidly in the pockets of insurers and the insurance industry.

FBIC members are mostly Americans with some international members anywhere and everywhere where large U.S. and international insurers sell insurance. Our members are a diverse group and among the greatest people in the U.S. FBIC members are males and females, both young and senior, rich and poor, some with professional and others non-professional backgrounds, white and blue collar, and of all ethnic colors, races and creeds that want and believe in working towards a “true” “honest” and corruption-free and bad faith-free insurance industry (not to exclude the same for a democratic system of government, a justice system built on equality and accessibility for all, an honest, corruption-free and prosperous system of business and capitalism, and a social system that is based upon “equality and fairness” for all such as the founding forefathers of this great country would have wanted … and hopefully one that would believe in “The Real American Way” as a way of life at the very least had no children living in poverty and where all Americans knew both self-respect and respect for others) and that this site is exactly what it honestly represents it is … A Consumer Advocacy! E-Mail comments to:


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The following is not meant or offered as legal advice nor should be construed as such. FBIC is a consumer medium and advocacy and is neither a court of law nor legal counsel. In order to establish whether an insurer is in violation of “Bad Faith”, “Unfair Insurance Claim Settlement Practices”, “Deceptive Insurance Sales Practices” and/or other pertinent laws or statutes, and/or is not acting in “Good Faith”, must be decided and is determinable by a court of law. Alleged violation(s) of these laws are subject to a court’s interpretation of the specifics of your case and the laws as they may relate to applicable state statutes, other relevant statutes and case laws which may vary in some states. When in doubt, consult your state’s Bad Faith Insurance Claim Practices Statutes and other pertinent applicable statutes that may apply, consult and reference case laws and key court interpretations. Most importantly, if you feel your insurer may be guilty of Bad Faith, Unfair Claims Settlement Practices and/or other pertinent illegal insurance practices and you feel you require legal advice, you should seek legal counsel from a licensed attorney admitted in good standing in your state or jurisdiction who is knowledgeable and familiar with the issues raised. Any reference on this website page and/or website to “Bad Faith” Insurance Practices or alleging to violations of law, such violations of law can only be determined as such by a recognized and authorized court of law. Such reference is provided herein for educational and public awareness purposes.

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