‘INSIDER’ HEADLINE: Insider Exposes Widespread Bad Faith Insurance Industry Problem, Offers Expert Advice

Herb Denenberg, former Insurance Commissioner for the state of Pennsylvania, is one of the country’s leading consumer advocates as he bravely speaks out and candidly tells America the way it really is behind the strictly enforced closely guarded rule of absolute silence and operating secrecy of the insurance industry.   (Of FBIC Note: Without putting Herb on the line anymore than he does through his openly frank and honest outspoken articles, we don’t think we over-speak our bounds when we say it is apparent that he confirms and exposes in specific areas and some cases more than FBIC but in general much, most or all of what FBIC’s extensive consumer evidence clearly confirms and exposes … that is bad faith insurers mass denials of legitimate claims along with its widespread use of bad faith insurance practices, deceptions and fraudulent schemes to defraud the Public, their general above the law attitude, misuse and abuse of the court system and total disregard for ethics and lack of concern for the policyholder claimant.  Bad faith insurers commonly use fraudulent bad faith practices to inflict the necessary degree of ruthless mistreatment and punishment against legitimate policyholder claimants their victims, in what appears to be standard operating procedure in their repeated attempts to intimidate and make claimants go away without any benefit of coverage and/or any semblance if left indicative of the basic essentials of life i.e. food, shelter, etc. … all to the egregious financial benefit of the company not having to pay a claim and recognition of the employee’s own personal company performance and ultimate personal self-enrichment.) Herb further confirms some of the suspected closely guarded secrets and as to how the insurance industry really operates behind its securely locked and tightly closed doors.  Take advantage of his expert advice on the many beneficial aspects and benefits that many of the different lines of (good faith) insurances have to offer as well as those to avoid that make no sense having little or no benefit.  Herb Denenberg’s qualifications and credentials are most impressive. To view Herb Denenberg’s Bio, click here. His following articles are in chronological order and are available for viewing by clicking on the desired article title of interest.