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The FBIC “Find-A-Lawyer” Directory is here to help you find a lawyer locally to represent or advise you.  If you feel you can’t afford to fight the insurance company with all their money and high priced attorneys and may not be able to afford a substantial retainer to hire a lawyer, FBIC has good news and is here to help you fight back against bad faith insurers.

Yes, many attorneys may only work requiring an upfront retainer.  Although FBIC are not lawyers and cannot give legal advice, FBIC is here to help and inform, and to let you know that there are tens of thousands of attorneys who specialize in cases where insurers deny claims and/or improperly settle claims aka “breach of contract” and/or “bad faith insurance” cases. Many if not most of these attorneys represent and work for claimants and insureds on a “contingency fee basis”, in other words without your having to advance any money out-of-pocket.

A “contingency fee basis” generally allows for an attorney to legally protect your interests and pursue your case without expense to you unless the lawyer wins your case in which case the lawyer receives a pre-agreed percentage of any resulting settlement plus out-of-pocket costs paid out in the process by the lawyer.  In many if not most cases, plaintiff insurance lawyers are used to only working for consumers and businesses on a contingency basis, which generally can be upwards in the area of 25-50% and in many cases is one-third of the amount recovered on your behalf. Many law firms will represent, work and initiate a lawsuit on your behalf without you having to pay any money … the only way they get paid is if they bring a positive result and settlement for you against the insurer.

If you feel that your claim has been denied unfairly or believe that the insurance company in handling the claim has acted unreasonably, you owe a responsibility to yourself and others in the same position not to give up or simply let it go.  It is important that you assert your legal rights and pursue your claim.  Under this arrangement, many if not most claimants like yourself succeed in finding an attorney of their choice, fight and secure substantial settlement amounts.

It is important for consumers looking for an attorney to represent them and their interests to realize that generally, lawyers are extremely busy because of their heavy case loads and are not always able to return your initial phone calls. Consumers looking for a lawyer need to do their homework first by researching and finding lawyers in their area that specialize in the practice area and are best equipped to represent them as necessary in their case.  The FBIC lawyer directory is custom-tailored to your needs and in just 15 seconds more or less, you can have a list of attorneys in your local area that specialize in cases like yours. Then it is up to you to be “politely” persistent in making contact with an attorney to discuss your case, find interest and set a meeting to see if the case is right for the attorney and for you to see if you are comfortable with the selection of having that attorney represent you.  In some cases this can entail numerous and repeat phone calls on your behalf to the same attorney(s) until you are able to make contact with the attorney.

Once you have made telephone contact and/or subsequently possibly meet with an attorney(s), you can learn what they advise and think of your case and possibly what the case is worth in dollars.  Generally, an experienced attorney will look at your case from different perspectives and reach a figure that he/she believes and/or thinks the amount the case would settle for.  In the event that they feel that the amount the case would settle for is too small for them or an attorney to handle or represent you, there are still other options available to you.

As indicated, there are avenues and options available to you if the dollar value of your claim or case is too small to warrant the expense of an attorney. Some of these options may include your bringing your own legal action against the Insurer in small claims court.  Numerous claimants have indicated they have won their case in small claims court and/or have won by default as no one showed up in court to represent the insurer and defend the case.  Another option possibly available to you is by contacting a law school clinic and ultimately having a third or fourth year law student take on your case and represent you.  Another option may also include researching the internet to find a non-profit lawyer organization or a pro-bono lawyer association to handle your case.

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The Find-A-Lawyer Directory is here to help you find a lawyer to represent or advise you, locally in your state or any state in the U.S. regarding an insurance related claim you may have against an insurance company involving the following insurance Practice Areas (and more):

Automobile Business Computer/Intellectual Property Disability Environmental  Fire Health Home Life Personal Injury & Accident Professional MalpracticeProperty & Casualty RICO (Civil) Theft Toxic Mold Wrongful Death


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