Find-A-Public Adjuster Directory

Public Adjusters are needed as we have “hundreds” of personal and business related complainants looking for Public Adjuster regularly everyday. If you are a Public Adjusters and wish to be listed, click here )

(The “Find-A-Public Adjuster” Directory search is located farther down this page … please read the following before doing a search.)

The FBIC “Find-A-Public Adjuster” Directory is here to help you find a Public Adjuster locally to represent or advise you.  If you feel you can’t  fight the insurance company with all their money and high priced attorneys and a Public Adjuster will be your advocate to help  you fight back against bad faith insurers.

If you feel that your claim has been denied unfairly or believe that the insurance company in handling the claim has acted unreasonably, you owe a responsibility to yourself and others in the same position not to give up or simply let it go.Call a Public Adjuster and get an opinion.

Consumers looking for a Public Adjuster need to do their homework first by researching and finding Public Adjusters in their area that specialize in the practice area and are best equipped to represent them as necessary in their case.  The FBIC Public Adjuster directory is custom-tailored to your needs and in just 15 seconds more or less, you can have a list of Public Adjusters in your local area that specialize in cases like yours. Then it is up to you to be  persistent in making contact to discuss your case, find interest and set a meeting to see if the case is right for the Public Adjuster and for you to see if you are comfortable with the selection of having that Public Adjuster represent you.