Bad Faith Insurance Has Grown Rapidly To Epidemic Proportions And In Spite Of Insurance Company Efforts To Keep Their Bad Faith Practices Quiet And Distanced From The Public, Information On The Growing Number Of Pervasive Bad Faith Related Cases And Court Verdicts Are Becoming More Available And Known To The Public. .......... The American People Demand That The Justice Department Investigate Insurance Companies For Their Bad Faith Non-Payment Of Claims And Other Unfair Claims Practices ....  They Only Need To View The FBIC Website Video Exposés And Read The Numerous And Increasing Number Of Depositions By Insurance Company Officials Testifying In Court That Verify In Their Own Words How They And Their Insurance Companies Hoodwinked The Policyholders And Claimants ....  The American People Demand That Congress Stop The Pervasive Bad Faith And Unfair Claim Practices Of Insurance Companies And Bring Those Responsible For Their Illegal Actions To Justice!  

Bad faith insurance has rapidly grown and become a pervasive and very serious mainstream problem that threatens all Americans and all business interests. Up until now, the only way for individuals, businesses and related claimants to collect on a denied claim has been to fight the bad faith insurance companies in court. The common practice of “vacatur” has minimized the availability of reference materials on the subject of bad faith insurance by an estimated 50-80% but as the use and practice of bad faith practices has become so widespread, there has been a marked increase in articles, etc. on the subject since 1999.

Because bad faith insurance practices have grown to widespread proportions and become such a common practice, a growing and increasing number of reference materials have been published and produced on the subject of bad faith insurance since 1999-2000.  Please make us aware and let us know the source of any reference materials on bad faith insurance that we don’t have using the following email link.

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