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What is FBIC?

FBIC (Fight Bad-faith Insurance Companies) is a non-profit consumer advocacy organization which specializes in uncovering today’s alleged fraudulent multi-billion dollar bad-faith non-payment of claims rip-offs by the powerful Insurance Industry. FBIC serves Claimants and Insureds, victims of these rip-offs, seeking help in being compensated for being denied benefits as a result of their Insurance Company’s Bad-faith Practices. The onsite FBIC Plaintiff Insurance Find-A-Lawyer Directory assists Insureds, free of charge, in helping them find a lawyer in their local area that fits their Insurance situation attorney needs. (In addition, for Insureds either not interested or unable to secure an attorney, FBIC also organizes class action lawsuits on their behalf against Insurance Companies which are reported to be guilty of widespread Bad-faith and Unfair Insurance Claims Practices.)

How Do People In Need Of An Insurance Attorney Come To Use FBIC’s Insurance Find-A-Lawyer Directory?

The FBIC Center and website is the most comprehensive, referenced and visited source for general consumer information and advice on bad faith insurance claims anywhere and that includes the internet. The FBIC Website ( provides answers and information in response to the most frequently asked questions by consumers in the growing area of Bad-faith Insurance. Each month FBIC receives over 1,000,000 “hits” from consumers and businesses looking for information and advice in dealing with bad-faith insurance claims and help in finding a lawyer to protect their interests and represent them against Insurance Companies.

Many or most of the visitors to the FBIC website are in bad-faith insurance claim situations and/or have been denied coverage and are looking for lawyers, experienced in handling bad faith insurance claims, to sue their Insurance Companies. “The FBIC Plaintiff Insurance Find-A-Lawyer Directory, exclusive to the FBIC website, is designed to help each Insured find the right plaintiff insurance attorney to sue their Insurance Company, protect their interests and secure the compensation of their Insurance Policy for which they paid premiums and are being wrongfully denied its benefits.

After Consumers and Businesses Get General and Legal Information from FBIC’s Website, Do They Still Need a Lawyer? 

The FBIC Center and website informs and educates consumers, aids potential clients in recognizing that they need to contact an attorney and encourages them to seek out legal counsel who is experienced in the desired specialized field of Insurance Bad-faith. FBIC makes it convenient and easy for these prospective client visitors to its website to find the right lawyer(s) in their area by offering free of charge “The FBIC Insurance Lawyer Directory” service.

How Does The FBIC Insurance Lawyer Directory Generate Clients?

The primary reason people use the Internet is to obtain information. Consumers and businesses with legal problems frequently use the extensive resources of information on the Internet, and when it concerns finding general and legal information in the field of Bad-faith Insurance, they primarily use The FBIC Center website. The FBIC Center website is the premiere and only website which addresses all and only those aspects in the specialized field of Bad-faith Insurance. All the general and legal information is right there, and its all conveniently linked to The FBIC Insurance Lawyer Directory. Claimants merely click the FBIC Find-A-Lawyer Directory service, find a list of lawyers in their area whose practices specialize in the specific Bad-faith Insurance field they are looking for and use the information supplied with each listing to contact them directly.

Why Should I Be Listed in The FBIC Insurance Lawyer Directory?

Because The FBIC Insurance Lawyer Directory generates clients, paying clients as well as referrals!

The FBIC Insurance Lawyer Directory is the primary and possibly the only place where consumers and businesses (and other lawyers in non-related fields) can go when they need to find an Insurance attorney geared to handle their situation, to represent them and for legal advice.

Can The FBIC Insurance Lawyer Directory Help My Local Practice?

Absolutely. The new clients generated through The FBIC Insurance Lawyer Directory involve both local area and statewide matters for both in area and out of area clients. Before Claimants and Insureds hire a lawyer, most prospective clients use the Internet to seek information. These prospective clients come to The FBIC Center Website for both the specialized field’s information and The FBIC Insurance Lawyer Directory. The field of Bad-faith Insurance Law is a specialized field in which they would have never found the lawyers listed in their field in their “local Yellow Pages” or any other source or directory that is probably not available. FBIC’s Website is the most comprehensive source of legal information and the leading website in its field on the Internet. The result, after using The FBIC Center website to get the basic information they are looking for, usually confirms that they need a lawyer and to find one they go directly to The FBIC Insurance Lawyer Directory.

What Is The Cost To Be Listed In The FBIC Insurance Lawyer Directory?

For 2018, listing in the directory is free.

If We Don’t Give Free Initial Consultations, Can We Still List with The FBIC Insurance Lawyer Directory?

Yes. The FBIC Insurance Lawyer Directory indicates in their individual listing those Attorneys that offer or do not offer free initial consultations and/or free initial telephone consultations to qualified prospective clients.

Do I Have To Notify FBIC When I Receive An Inquiry From My Listing In The FBIC Insurance Lawyer Directory?

No. With The FBIC Insurance Lawyer Directory there’s absolutely no paperwork. You don’t have to tell us when you receive an inquiry, acquire or decline a client. (We do however value a Listing Attorney’s feedback and comments).

Does Having A Listing in The FBIC Insurance Lawyer Directory Require Me to Share My Fees?

No. The FBIC Insurance Lawyer Directory service never requests or receives any portion of an attorney’s client fee.

Do I Need To Have Email or a Website?

No. If you don’t have email or a website, its no problem. Your listing can contain your telephone, fax and/or mailing address where you can be contacted.

Our Firm Has a Website. Can My Listing In The FBIC Insurance Lawyer Directory Be Referenced or Linked?

Yes. The FBIC Insurance Lawyer Directory will generate more qualified traffic to your website as you can reference or link your FBIC Insurance Lawyer Directory Listing to your website at no extra charge.

 Can I Make Updates To My Listing And Is There Any Charge?

Yes, you can make changes to your listing at any time and there is no charge.
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What Will My Listing Include? 

The FBIC Insurance Lawyer Directory lists your law firm’s name, address, telephone and fax numbers along with the name of the attorney or contact. The Directory also includes your firm’s practice and focus. We will also reference or link to your email and website as available.

The FBIC Insurance Lawyer Directory is designed to help find qualified Bad-faith Insurance attorneys and law firms. Although not required, many of the attorneys and law firms listed in The FBIC Insurance Lawyer Directory might provide a qualified prospective client with a free confidential initial telephone or in-person consultation, and in these cases it is noted. The FBIC Insurance Lawyer Directory is not a lawyer referral service and at no time does it receive a portion of any lawyer’s client fees for this service. The lawyers listed in The FBIC Insurance Lawyer Directory have not paid FBIC to publish their listings. Note: One should never retain a lawyer based solely on any advertisement or listing (including any listing contained within The FBIC Insurance Lawyer Directory). One should always investigate the lawyer’s credentials and ability, as well as assess the level of comfortability and rapport before retaining a lawyer. By using The FBIC Insurance Lawyer Directory you are agreeing that under no circumstances will FBIC, The FBIC Insurance Lawyer Directory, any lawyer listed or identified with the site, or any affiliates or links be responsible for any lawyer’s competence, performance or results regarding advice given, responsiveness, failure to provide for a free initial consultation or meet any person’s level of satisfaction with a lawyer. No attorney or law firm is responsible for any information or listing published by FBIC, The FBIC Insurance Lawyer Directory.

The FBIC Insurance Lawyer Directory is made available free of charge for individuals and businesses personal and non-commercial use. Any other use, reproduction or resale of information contained in this site is prohibited. Refer to FBIC’s privacy policy, legal disclaimer and copyright, and conditions of use.