The Paper Chase

 “The Paper Chase” became one of the most honored broadcasts in journalism history, and it’s for good reasons that only this website is believed to have the original broadcast for your viewing. View this well known Award winning investigative exposé, which reveals an example of an illicit system designed to intentionally deny claims, in this case a myriad of fraudulent IME bias and deceptive medical paper review schemes, and illegal bad faith insurance claim practices by insurer, State FarmThis video is being used with permission as it was provided to FBIC courtesy of NBC Dateline and we present it for educational purposes. FBIC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that works with the American Public in combination, support and/or association with media producer(s) investigations. Note that bad faith insurance can only be proven in a court of law … you be the Judge! This media is not to be used for commercial purposes without permission from the Producer. (NBC Dateline, June 2000)