VIDEOS INVESTIGATIVE EXPOSÉS: View Videos Of Insurers Bad Faith Practices Caught In The Act By TV Media

(Note:  Videos expose a number of fraudulent and deceptive schemes and bad faith practices employed by insurers caught in the act.  Videos available for viewing on this page are for educational purposes only … copying is strictly prohibited. To watch a video, look for the “Click here to view” at the end of each segment listing.)

  • View “Dangerous Liaisons”, an investigative video revealing the behind the scenes and some examples of covert illicit dealings by state DOI Commissioners, in this case involving former California DOI Commissioner Chuck Quackenbush with six major insurers regarding California’s 1994 Northridge earthquake victims claims which to this day because of these dealings many claimants have yet to be properly compensated. Click here to view (NBC Dateline)
  • View an undercover investigative exposé called “Allstate” involving Allstate Insurance Company which reveals another example of insurers committing illegal bad faith insurance practices advising claimants not to hire an attorney. Click here to view (ABC News Primetime)
  • View an “Eye On America Investigation” report regarding an example of an insured who made a claim on his homeowners policy to his insurer, State Farm, and see the price that the policyholder paid as a result for making a claim. The video also exposes the little known and secretive “big-brother-like” insurance industry database system C.L.U.E. (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange).  The system maintained by the industry is purported to contain “all” information on policyholders, as well as each and everyone of us … find out about it and view it here.   Click here to view (CBS Evening News)
  • View an investigative exposé called “Breaking The Mold” regarding a homeowner policyholder and toxic mold claimant revealing examples of the bad faith insurance claim practices by numerous bad faith insurers, in this case Farmers Insurance, and the damaging effects on the family. Click here to view (CourtTV)
  • View this much talked about and perhaps best known Emmy award winning investigative exposé, called “The Paper Chase”which reveals an example of an illicit system designed allegedly to deny claims, in this case a myriad of fraudulent IME bias and medical paper review schemes, deceptive and illegal bad faith insurance claim practices by insurer, State Farm.  It is viewed in four parts. Click to view each Part one at a time. Each Part is about 15 minutes in length.    Click here to viewPart 1Part 2Part 3Part 4. (NBC Dateline)
  • View the investigative segment called “Benefit Of The Doubt” which reveals and exposes examples of the illegal mass denial of claims and fraudulent bad faith insurance claim practices in this case by the country’s largest disability insurer, UnumProvident.   Click here to view (NBC Dateline)
  • View an investigative exposé called “Did Insurer Cheat Disabled Clients” which reveals and exposes examples of patterns of illegal practices and the fraudulent mass denial of claims actions taken by the country’s largest disability insurer, UnumProvident, against insured disability claimants. The exposé includes interviews and admissions attesting to the alleged pattern of illegal actions taken by employees in response to pressure by the Insurance Company to deny claims as well as testimony and further confirmation by the Insurer’s former medical director as to the Company’s repeated bad faith insurance claim practices and mass denial of claims policy.   Click here to view (CBS 60 Minutes)